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Please note we have moved. Please see contact us page for individual therapist's new location.

The Body Wise is a Massage Therapy and Osteopathic Techniques Clinic that is committed to a client-based healthcare and provides the finest of professionals for your needs. We offer a variety massage therapy and ostopathic techniques treatments and each of us is among the top in our field. We have come together with the understanding that as a unit we provide a formidable collection of information and research that can only benefit our clientele.

The philosophy of ongoing education is a core belief both for ourselves, as practitioners, and our client's and is demostrated by our commitment to make available information on the latest research and techniques on an ongoing basis.

Welcome to The Body Wise - where we know that Herophilus was right, and we are ready to assist you in reaffirming your health.

Andrew Lewarne, RMT

Randy Pearle, RMT, Osteopathic Candidate

Lois Piper, RMT

Tim Thorsen, RMT

Glenn Yearwood RMT

"When health is absent,
wisdom cannot reveal itself,
art cannot manifest,
wealth becomes uselss,
and intelligence cannot be applied"
~ Herophilus
Physician to Alexander the Great